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Sina Golden Line Company, abbreviated as SGL, is a collection of commercial and international shipping companies aiming to advance their goals in order to accelerate and facilitate business affairs including exports and imports from CIS countries, especially Turkmenistan. , Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Russia, Azerbaijan. Sina Golden Line is a trading, importing and exporting company in various oil and gas fields including gasoline, diesel, kerosene, stove oil, base oil, sulfur, plastic as well as grain supply including barley, maize and corn. … is. The co-founders of the complex have started with more than a decade of experience with the goal of expanding foreign business activities. Nowadays, when it comes to price, quality, familiarity with the local market in the region and country, and having enough information in the business, only companies and individuals can succeed in paying attention. The main focus of this group is to supply and distribute various types of petroleum, petrochemical, plastic and cereal products in international markets and has established a close and solid relationship in the countries of its activity, relying on its many years of continuous efforts and efforts.

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