Welcome to Sina Golden Line General Trading company! as a pioneer company in trading coke. We are proud of ourselves in view of the fact that we can prospect and respond to market needs. We help this industry by creating new tools that help market organization and liquidity.

Coal is sedimentary which is mostly made from carbon, that is used for electricity manufacturing and heating through combustion. Nowadays coal is the third needed energy around the world. Coke is a fuel that comes from the coal that is used for iron ore melting when the steel is manufacturing. Sina Golden Line General Trading company, by a brilliant history, is acting in coke export.

Our great achievements till now are owed to the assessment with a titanic team of experts who have a deep knowledge of the coke market. The successive challenges we face during our work with coke have led us to find new ways to value it.

Values and views:

  • We have an exceedingly strong culture that helps us to attract and sustain professional and motivated experts. This culture is according to our regard to the global main values.
  • Personal integrity and responsibility in our relationships
  • Extremely close collaboration with coal global trading community
  • Dedicating innovations which are effected on our profession and market benefits

By these various supplements, that we’ve accomplished on the basis of our customer’s demand, our vessels are completely ready for loading any kind of coal and export it all over the world.

Sina Golden Line Company, with a long history of buying, supplying, and selling energy, is able to supply Turkmenistan’s best coal with the following terms and conditions:

Turkmenistan coke

  • Product: Turkmenistan coke
  • Origin: Turkmenistan
  • Price and payment terms: negotiable
  • Packing: bulk
  • Delivery terms: negotiable
  • Min order: 5000 MT
FigureDescription of indexNo
3,0Mass portion of the total moisture , %, not more than1
0,6Ash content, %, not more than2
0,6Mass portion of sulfure, in%, not more than3
11,0Mass portion of flying substances, %, not more than4
2,08Real density after warming up at 1300°C in a current of 5 hours, g/sm³, not less than5
60Mass portion of coke with the size of pieces not less than 8mm, %, not more than6