You can purchase any kind of grain crops by filling Sina Golden Line General Trading Company form that is located below. We are supplying commodities for both consumption and feed. This means that we are working on all parts of the supply chain. You can order both organic and conventional commodities from our company.

Our products:

  • Grains: you can send us your grain inquiry form by filling the following form.
  • Linseed and oilseeds: one of Sina Golden Line professions is in linseeds and oilseeds.
  • Raw materials: in addition to trading commodities and mentioned ones, you can also send your own inquiry in any kind of agricultural product, then we’ll provide it for you ASAP.
  • Agriculture diesel: according to our close relationship with oil companies, we do agriculture diesel, transport diesel, and other lubricants which are traditional in Asia, are supplied among various countries.

Since Sina Golden Line Trading company prices are always comparable as well as the quality of its products among other trading companies, it has proudly been able to attract its customers ’ satisfaction.

Sina Golden Line Company, with a long history of buying, supplying and selling energy, is able to supply the highest quality cereals including Barley, Wheat, and Maize from Kazakhstan and Russia, with the following terms and conditions:

  • Products: Barley, wheat and corn
  • Origin: Kazakhstan and Russia
  • Price: negotiable
  • Payment Terms: negotiable
  • Packing: Bulk / Bag
  • Shipping Terms: negotiable
  • Min order: One ship part (2800 metric tons)