It is estimated that about 1.5 million houses in England are relying on home heating oil which is known as kerosene. Also we are using various kinds of heating oils, but we have just a few information about them.

A fuel by several names:

Whereas most of us recognize it as heating oil or kerosene, in fact there are many different names for this fuel, they contain: 28 second, boiler fuel, burning oil, boiler water, paraffin, … are all the various names of kerosene.

The kerosene word came from a Greek word (ĸƞρός) => Keros.

How the kerosene manufactures?

Today, manufacturing the kerosene is a direct manner. In a process called fractional distillation, by separating the compounds of crude oil, a clear and thin oil leaves which is called kerosene.

figureDescription of index
Fraction composition:
-boiled before 270 0C, %, not less more
- 98%, 0C, not more than
40Flash point in close cup, 0С, not less than2
-12Cloud point, 0C, not more than3
0,005Ash contents, %, not more than4
0,1Mass portion sulfur, %, not more than5