Sina Golden Line General Trading LLC is a senior participant of the LPG global market which had started its professional activity since 2011. Today we are trading hundreds of thousands of tons of LPG annually, which enables us to provide a fair and competitive price among fuel distributor and supplier lines.

We are operating in a targeted fleet which is built of LPG tankers by several pressurized LPG carriers. We also invested a significant stock on the infrastructure of LPG contains terminals and storage facilities beside LPG terminals in many countries that make it possible to supply and deliver LPG on time and reliable all over the world.

Sina Golden Line General Trading consultants do a specialized activity on LPG trading.
Our experience of hundreds of thousands of tons annually has led us to meet the global standards of delivery of goods, the stability of the cost of delivery, and the very reasonable price of the goods.

Quality is not reachable in a day, but it will be based on trust and on-time delivery. Are you ready to hear about more opportunities that you can have? Let us help you to achieve the best trade and deal ever, by affordable prices!

Sina Golden Line General Trading LLC is able to export the best quality of LPG worldwide by the below analysis.

SPBTParameter descriptionNo
Unnormalized measure
Unnormalized measure
Mass concentration of components, % Total contents of Methane,Ethane and Ethylene
Total contents of Propane and Propylene, not less than
Total contents of Butane and Butylene, not less than,not more than
1.6Liquid volume concentration of residue 20 C, % not more than2
Gauge pressure of saturated vapour, Mpa within plus 45 C not more than within minus 20 C not more than3
Mass concentration of Hydrogen Sulphide H2S and Mercaptan Sulphur, % not more than
Including Hydrogen Sulphide, not more than
AbsentContents of free water and
3Odor intensity in point,
not less than