Petrol and diesel are crude oil products, which comes from the depth of the earth. Crude oil is used to produce petrol (in America is famous as petrol and diesel).

Most of the transportation use petrol or diesel to set up their engines- for example, lawnmowers, cars, buses, motorcycles as well as gigantic ships and airplanes.

The chemical energy of the engine releases from the exhaust. Unfortunately, most of these smoke is harmful to us, animals and our environment.

What kind of petrol is better to use?

Due to Iran’s transportation system, which is designed based on super petrol (octane 95), it’s better to use petrol by a higher octane number, and using regular petrol (octane 87) can insert irreparable damages to the car’s engine.

If you want to use regular petrol, it’s better to use an injector cleaner solution per 3000km to keep your injector’s needles always clean.

How to distinguish regular petrol from super petrol?

The methods of diagnosis are a lot, the first method of this difference is the color, the color of super petrol is white or green but the regular petrol has a red and pink color spectrum.

Another way to recognize is the smell, both the regular and super petrol have different smells and this is another way of recognition.

The 3rd manner of recognition differences is the difference between the gases which are released as you refuel your car. If the released gases were dry, the petrol is super and if they were oily, petrol is regular.

Turkmenistan petrol

  • Product: Turkmenistan petrol
  • packaging: Bulk
  • Price: Negotiable
  • Payment terms: Negotiable
  • Delivery terms: FOB
  • Min order: 1000MT
  • Origin: Turkmenistan
FigureDescription of indexNo
-10Pour point, °C, not higher than1
62Flash point in close cup, °C, not less than2
0.35Mass portion of sulfur, in %, not more than3
0.005Ash content, % not more than4
noPresence of mechanical impurities5
noWater content6
915Density 20°C, kg/m³, not higher than7